About Me


Hey, I’m Jay. An enthusiast and perfectionist in web development

I have always intrigued by all kinds of technical stuff and great design. There was one time, I saw a video talking about Front-End Web Developer which extremely caught my eyes. From then on, I determined to be a Web Developer in the future. Therefore, I changed my career path and now I study in Technical Web Developer program at BCIT.

In this intensive six months Technical Web Designer program, I learned HTML, CSS/SCSS, PHP, MySQL, WordPress, JavaScript, JQuery and other development tools, such as Git, Gulp and React.js. In terms of design, I explored UX design, SEO strategies and how to communicate with the client and team members.

In this fast-paced society, I reckon that it is crucial to update the skills and acquired new knowledge every day. I always have a great passion for doing that and seems like coding becoming as part of my life. In the future, I’m going to self-learning React Native, so that I can create not only websites but also mobile applications.